Our customers can feature in our blog if interested!

  • 25th March 2021

We aim to showcase some of our customers work if they request us to do so! 

If you'd like your project/business to appear in the blog - send us a ticket and we'll have a chat!

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DirectAdmin and Plesk Hosting coming soon!

  • 25th March 2021

We'll be expanding the services we offer very soon! With low cost and friendly service included as always!

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Knowledgebase & Blog will be sorted tomorrow!

  • 24th March 2021

Knowledgebase, we're just changing the watermark to the TekLan logo! 


Blog we'll build articles over time! 

If there's any particular content you'd like to see - let us know! 

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Welcome to customers new & old!

  • 23rd March 2021
You may have known us as a different name - we're still the same team! We've just moved things into one brand! - TekLan! The will encompass all of our services such as TekLan Hosting, or TekLan VPN etc!   Just a few more jobs to finish on this site! But we're getting there all, functionality is fine - just a few little handy guides we need to ...
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